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Broad VS Narrow Niche Site

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Broad VS Narrow Niche Site

Ok.. I've always been fascinated with ezine sites like Woman's Day and Martha Stewart. Ideally, I'd like to run a site that is part ezine like those and part personal blog akin to The Pioneer Woman... but based on my own interests/personality.

These sites cover a variety of topics: cooking, deco, weddings, etc... is a site like that going to be too hard to monetize because of topic variety?

I already have a following with a business forum I own and am pretty sure a hundred or so members would parlay into members of a variety site because of discussions in my forum's chit chat area.

On the one hand, I think I can build a strong brand with a varied site like Martha Stewart has. (No! Not THAT famous, but you get the idea! LOL) On the other hand, I'll need organic traffic and I don't want to confuse and upset the Google Gods with too many topics. I need to expand my income because of personal events, so I don't have the luxury of just building a site for pleasure at this point- there's got to be some monetary reward as well.

So... Stick with one niche per site or follow my dream with a variety ezine?
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It would be hard to rank well if your niche is too general. Specific niches will be more profitable.

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