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Anyone have any PPV experience

mark schaaf
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Anyone have any PPV experience

A while back Mark had a guy give a webinar on PPV. It seemed good and I liked the idea of getting 100 clicks for the price of 4 or 5 from the PPC I had been doing. So I have been trying some PPV for about the last 2 months or so. I know how the PPV thing works as far as my adds showing up when someone types in the keywords I target but the problem I am finding is how do I know if the PPV company is any good. The reason I say this is because what if the company I went with shows a lot of shoddy stuff to there customers and they get used to seeing this then when my adds shows up they just skip over it because they think it is going to be another crappy site. For example I have had days where my reports say 150 people have been to my site by looking at my google analytics report but it also says there was no time what so ever spent on my site as if my site shows up in the PPV add and it registers a visit with google then the person just clicks it to close. So I guess the question is how do you know what a good PPV company is because I think the one I am using for my niche isn't any good at all. At least when I was doing PPC I would get a sale or 2 per 100 clicks but with these guys I supposedly had over 2500 visits and have gotten 1 sale. I kept taking peoples advice and changing up everything trying different things but nothing was working. So has anyone had any success with this and if so who were you using. Thanks
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Hi Mark

I went through the same thing when a certain PPV company was all the rage - hundreds of clicks but no sales. Fortunately I caught onto it pretty quickly so the cost wasn't too bad. There are some great threads over at Warrior Forum about PPV sites and how to test and find the good ones.

I'll pop the link in to one but it might get stripped out..... otherwise just run a search in G for PPV companies.

http://www.warriorforum.com/ad-networks ... ource.html
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