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Another nifty free keyword tool

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Another nifty free keyword tool

I just ran across this KW tool from MSN's AdCenter. Now, if they could just improve their PPC interface :evil: ... well that's another thread :lol:


They have a number of different search options including one that may be helpful if you're building a Master Plan type site using "silo-ing" - Check out the section called "search funnels" - very cool.


edited to add:
Just to get a feel for how the search funnel queries and results work, I did some experimenting - the search funnel results are supposed to tell you what people typically search for before and after your inputed keyword.

So for fun I entered "hdtv" - the results were pretty much expected... hgtv... circuitcity... dishnetwork... bestbuy... lcdtv... florida home prices?! :shock:

so what are these people thinking... I need a new HDTV, wait what I really want is to move to Florida -better shop for a house and a TV at the same time? :lol:
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