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affiliate training systems which one to join

mark schaaf
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affiliate training systems which one to join

I have been doing this for a little while and have asked a lot of questions on this forum but here is what i think is the toughest question. which one of Marks systems should I join when I decide I have some money to spare, I mean he has Affilorama, affilo jetpack or something like that and I am not sure but I think he has something else. My problem is I am looking for something that will cover everything because I think i am like everyone in saying i don't want to buy something to learn this and then buy something to learn the rest. I want a learn it all program. and I still am not sure what to buy into because I like the free information Mark has out for us to learn from but at the same time he has guests on webinar's teaching all kinds of stuff that I would think would be in one of his programs and I also get e-mails from Mark pushing someones product which I would hope was already in one of his programs. so I really want to know what is in his systems before I join, like i said I am looking for a one stop learn it all system I don't want to buy something then buy something else in 6 months. thanks Mark
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Both Affilojetpack and Affiloblueprint are excellent programs. Affiloblueprint teaches you the step by step of affiliate marketing while Affilojetpack gives you the content to set up a website faster. There's an interesting discussion on the two programs on this thread: Affiloblueprint versus AffiloJetpack
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Want a step-by-step training program in affiliate marketing? Affiloblueprint is a "hand-holding" course that will will show you how to build a site, drive traffic to it, and monetize it.

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One thing that you have to realize Mark is that there are A LOT of systems that work. some of the things in the other webinars Mark does teach as well, but often, they are teaching methods different than his own, and they will say and do things differently than he did.

Also, some programs are better than others. I personally think that for a newbie, Marks Affiloblueprint is the best course to learn How to do all the basics. However, you can shortcut some of the menial tasks by going for Affilojetpack where a lot of what AB teaches has already been done for you.
Affilorama premium has some really good additional training, but it isnt a course in and of itself. the main benefit of affilorama premium is all the tools available.
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