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Affiliate marketer, or Affiliate manager- newbie query

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Affiliate marketer, or Affiliate manager- newbie query

Hi All,

I've been doing copy-writing for a merchant for the last few months, and the owners would like me to move into the affiliate realm, ideally to get them more affiliates, and to have me be more independent.
From going thru Mark's Intro to Affiliate Marketing free course, and from taking a 'Preview' course thru another site on Affiliate Managing, my sense is that starting an affiliate website would make more sense for now, whereas getting to be an Affiliate Manager seems more advanced.

Many thanks-
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I think its best if you wet your toes with affiliate website and programs first before moving on to manager position. I have often found that affiliate managers don't really understand the issue because of lack of first hand experience and I won't like to see another one of them ;)
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I agree with Sonitin. If you're a newbie, learn more about affiliate marketing and take action. It will take more than reading a course to really know the industry.
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