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"Additional keywords" suggestions from Google - why so high?

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"Additional keywords" suggestions from Google - why so high?

I'm running a list of keywords that I narrowed down with Traffic Travis through the Google Keyword Tool.

Using a broad match:

My list of keywords generated search volumes ranging from 100 - 60,000. When I scroll down to the "additional keywords" suggestions from Google, the search volumes are ALOT higher - ranges from 100 - 1 million, with many in the hundreds of thousands!

Can that be right?? Why would the search volume from Google's suggestions be so much higher - my keywords couldn't have been that bad could they??$#@

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Those keywords with very high search volumes are usually too vague or general.

You would want to optimize your site for long tail or "buying" keywords. These have lower search volumes but convert very well to sales. Good keywords are specific and target people who want to buy something or about fixing a pressing problem.

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Many times the ultra high volume keywords are as Michelle says are far to general and will just burn through your money! Long tail all the way in the beginning. You might find my site useful for this kind of stuff to: http://www.netsalestrainer.com/training ... -research/
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