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Ad or Site Tracker Software for Affiliate Marketiers

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Ad or Site Tracker Software for Affiliate Marketiers

What kind of ad tracker software should affiliate marketers use? At times I tend to lose the track of the number of hits my website has received and other details pertaining to traffic. What is the best way to know more about potential visitors?
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Hi kallayprasanth05,

There are several ad tracker you can use and most are within ad plugins like WP 125 or WP Ad Manager. You might also want to check with the vendors or merchants you got the ads from as they sometimes offer tracking too.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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It depends on the type of traffic you are planning on using. If you are tracking only hits on your website, google analytics works fine, however if you are tracking PPC, PPV then you can use a paid software like demons tracker or a free one called prosper 202.
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