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Why AffiloBlueprint Is Better Than Even Google Sniper?

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Why AffiloBlueprint Is Better Than Even Google Sniper?

I don't mean to make any product comparisons here.

But that is my honest opinion having invested and gone through both courses.

Though George Brown's Google Sniper is still top of Clickbank in sales, I feel AffiloBlueprint is better.

The reason I am saying is when I checked out some of the Google Sniper sites along with AffiloBlueprint ones, most of the former are no longer available.

While sites built using what Mark Ling teaches and AffiloTheme are still around.

Moreover there are 2 critical things that Google Sniper does not cover.

One is Akismet plugin to filter out spam comments.

Second is creating and including post categories which are just as important as posts and pages.

When people go to your sites, they don't just want to see posts and pages because Google makes it mandatory for bloggers and marketers to do so.

They also expected to see categories from which they can browse and select the posts they most like to read from within that category.
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