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What is the focus of Affilojetpack?

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What is the focus of Affilojetpack?

Is the Affilojetpack system geared solely towards long term customer growth through the use of a squeeze page and follow up emails?

Or, is it possible to get sales right away through PPC?

Thank you.
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it is a combination of both. email marketing and getting quick sales. the Jetpack focuses on the email marketing side and building a list, but it shows how to get it going quickly.

I have started out with my review copy, and I made my first sale within 4 days following Marks email plan in his latest report. (and it is not in the Im niche). Now, cveatte I dont claim this will be normal experience for most newbies. however, it shows that by putting it up and doing a little promotion it is possible to get quick sales.

Also, even with ppc, if you don't know what you are doing it will take a little time to start seeing a profit. i often see people start ppc and spend several hundred dollars before seeing a sale. it is actually common, especially with newbies, which is who the Jetpack system is targeted to.
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