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Trouble emailing Affilorama support

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Trouble emailing Affilorama support

I'm sorry to post this again, but Emailing support is not getting through. I need to speak with you concerning my issue. I have Emailed 2 times in the past week, and still no response. It should not be a problem with spam filters because I get Emails from you with updates etc all the time. If you have Emailed me and I haven't received it for whatever reason, please make a post here saying so, so we can figure something out.

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Hi Matthew,

Sorry about the mix up. We had an email in out support system that looked remarkably like it could have been you, so we thought we'd fixed it up.

That said, we HAVE been emailing you, Matthew, and we HAVE been receiving your emails. You also mentioned in your emails to us that you've had no problems receiving newsletters and updates, which is very, very strange, since support emails and news emails come from the same address. One of our support guys even tried emailing you from his personal email address just to see if it would go through, but with no luck obviously. This is all assuming that you've checked your spam folder ;)

Regardless, hopefully we'll be able to clear this up over the forum! I'll send you a private message with instructions. Please let me know if you don't receive the private message, and we'll have to chalk it up to divine interference!

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