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setting up AffiloJetPack Emails

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setting up AffiloJetPack Emails

I see where I have to enter an Address to be put on my emails, but I don't want it to be my home address and I don't currently have a P.O.Box.

If I put my home address, can this be edited later even though there are 90 emails?
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Hi Gus,

You're better off posting your AJP questions in the AJP members forum (top of the page for you) -- otherwise we might miss it. Here's the link:


I actually just answered this question in another thread: affiliate-hangout/bank-accounts-and-physical-addresses-t26469.html

In short: You can use a PO box if you don't want to use your home address. It just legally needs to be somewhere where you can receive mail.

You can change your address at any time if you're using Fluttermail.

1) Click on "Lists" at the top of the screen
2) Find the list you're interested in
3) Click the "options" button next to the list
4) Select "list name and address" from the options
5) Click "add a new address" and add your new address

You don't need to edit all 90 emails... this will automatically start adding your new address to any email that goes out.
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