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Recording of 11 Dec 09 webinar: Mark Ling and Steve Iser

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Recording of 11 Dec 09 webinar: Mark Ling and Steve Iser

Hi there,

I missed a webinar "Super Affiliate Strategies with Mark Ling and Steve Iser" which took place on 11 Dec 2009 (10 Dec Australian time) and I have been trying to get a replay link since.

I have been in touch with Affiliorama's support and they simply don't know what webinar I am talking about, even though I forwarded them the original invitation and reminder emails. I am getting replies by different people and the same questions asked (like: Do I mean the 'Revolutionary CPA webinar' ...) again and again. Very frustrating. If they don't have a replay, that's fine, but I find it really frustrating that they do not seem to know what I am referring to. I asked them if they could get in touch with Mark, but they would not respond to that.

Has anyone else attended this webinar? If so, do you know if there is a replay? Maybe by Steve Iser?
I had also contacted him (via various channels) - but I did not even get any reply...
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Hi RollieB,

Here is the webinar I recorded with Steve Iser where I interviewed him: ... hn-hostler

He also interviewed me for his subscribers and he has the details of that replay, however the information contained in that webinar was exactly the same as this webinar that I recorded here during the prelaunch of Affilorama Premium. Scroll down and look for the 'Affiliate Strategies and FTC Tips' webinar replay:


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