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Premium Membership Or Affiloblueprint?

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Premium Membership Or Affiloblueprint?


what is the different betwen affiliorama premium member and affilioblueprint ?, i only see a few video training on my affiliate premium section area (many about product creation not affiliate marketing training), also i notice only get one premium magazine and didn't see any magazine from previous month.

also i want to ask is affiliorama or affilioblueprint will teach affiliate marketing from amazon or any real product not clickbank/digital product only

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Premium membership is a subscription-based program that gives you access to Affilotools and Premium magazines. It also includes Premium Hosting, a full regular hosting where you can host 15 websites.

Affiloblueprint is a step-by-step course that shows you how to build your own affiliate marketing site. It includes a free 30-day trial to Premium membership.

If you subscribed to Premium membership, you will have access to the first month of the Premium magazine. After the first 30 days, you will have access to the second issue.

Affiloblueprint shows you how to choose products in Amazon and other affiliate networks too. The lessons can be applied to sites that promote physical products.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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