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Just rejoined: Should I start by creating my own product?

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Just rejoined: Should I start by creating my own product?

Hi, I've just rejoined as a premium member, having first signed up in April 2009. I am retired, live in Wanaka, New Zealand and can honestly say that following my canceling last year, the only thing that has happened in my online career is that another year has passed. I've searched for the silver bullet but it doesn't exist. I think I already new that but I had to discover it for myself. With my background I should have known better but I was inspired by Marks' dad becoming his pupil and finally the penny dropped. This isn't all about youthful success stories and maybe I can write my own, in time. And now to the question? Is it absolutely necessary to become an affiliate to start online or can I use all the resources of Affilorama Premium to create my own product? My need to quit a job doesn't exist and I'm keen to pursue an idea that has been building for some time. This appears to be against the run of play for a beginner but in my heart, with a product idea and a life time belief that when the mass are going in one direction I tend to go in the other, is it necessary to cut my teeth as an affiliate? Not an age thing, I've been like that most of my life. Appreciate any feed back. Cyril Ashby (cashby)
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We strongly, STRONGLY recommend that you try the affiliate thing before you try creating a product.

You will learn a LOT as an affiliate that is relevant to product creation. Most importantly, you will learn things about market research, and how to identify profitable niches and potential niches.

You'll also see how other product owners create, manage and market their products, and how product launches go down.

Even if I was 100% sure about my idea for a product (and I was 100% sure that I knew enough to be 100% sure!) I would still spend some time trying to make it work as an affiliate beforehand. There's just so much less risk, and so many things you can learn for free as an affiliate that would cost you a bomb if you were learning it on the fly.

The real problem with not having been an affiliate beforehand is that you have no idea of how much knowledge you're missing.
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