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Is Affilotheme part of Affiloblueprint?

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Is Affilotheme part of Affiloblueprint?

Is Affilo Theme part of Affilo Blueprint? I ordered Affilo Blueprint and am going through it but I rec'd a 2nd email re Affilo Theme. I could not figure out if it was part of what I already ordered or if Affilo Theme is a separate product. I have the day off and was hoping to get a website up within the week. I've tried other memberships but was not happy with them. So here I am at Affilorama hoping for the best.
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Yes, Affilotheme is already included in your Affiloblurpint purchase. This is the theme that we recommend you use for you Wordpress website since this is easy to learn and use. The theme plus the video tutorials are found in the Our Products> My Products> Afilotheme section.
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