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Is Affiloblueprint worth the investment?

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Is Affiloblueprint worth the investment?

Hi all. I am a very new affiliate marketer. I started trying to put together an affiliate marketing business back in November, but haven't had any success yets.

I am seriously considering trying Affilo Blueprint. I like that they give you step by step instructions, complete with homework for each step. I am the type that needs to know exactly what to do next. How are you all doing with this system? Have you found it gave you successs?? Thanks!
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Welcome to Affilorama :)

Before anything else, I just want to be clear that I am not trying to sell Affiloblueprint to you. I just want to give you an honest opinion about the course :)

For beginners, I highly recommend Affiloblueprint as a head start to affiliate marketing since this is a step-by-step course and as you have already said, it also gives you homeworks that you can do after each discussion. The course itself is good. You would really be able to understand the whole process.

As for making money, I am sorry to say that you cannot put all your expectations in the course alone. Based from what we mostly hear from our members, almost everyone expect to become successful after taking the course. The course teaches you all the basic and some advanced lessons in affiliate marketing. However, and still, you need to really work hard on making everything work for you. Success is mostly based on what you will do after taking the course and expect that it will be very hard before you can even see the results.
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