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I need to speak with a staff member

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I need to speak with a staff member

OK I emailed several times in the last weeks, and posted on the forum explaining my issue. I changed banks, and the bank Affilorama with drawls from directly has a low balance just to keep it open, until I sorted this out with Affilorama, then I would close the account. I explained in the post and Emails that I needed to change my billing info, weeks ago, but never got a response. I just got billed and guess what, a negative balance and a $33 overdraft fee. I can't make deposits into that account, there is no branch in the town I moved to. I need someone to get in touch with me ASAP. My Email is
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Hi Matthew,

I'm talking with support and they're saying that this is all sorted, so I'll close off this forum topic (and your other one) now. For future reference, people, it's always better to email us through the contact form in our support page with your account issues, and just be aware that we occasionally take weekends off too :)

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