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How Long Did It Take To Complete Affiloblueprint?

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How Long Did It Take To Complete Affiloblueprint?

How long did it take you guys to complete the program, i just purchased today and am looking foward to it!
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Hi Kevin,

It took me about a month to complete the entire course. I was working full time at that time and was doing a review of it so I was only able to give it an hour or two a day. I also was just looking at the videos and how Mark was doing it, so I was able to finish it pretty quickly.

If you're a completely new to affiliate marketing then it will take you longer. It all depends on your own learning curve, how much time and discipline you have. Don't let others' time dictate how soon you'll finish the course since we all have different learning curves and priorities.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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