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Do I Get Free Upgrade to Affiloblueprint 4.0?

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Do I Get Free Upgrade to Affiloblueprint 4.0?

I would appreciate your help on this
I would like to know in case i buy Affiloblueprint 3.0 would i have to pay if another version is out for instance let's say i bought Affiloblueprint 3.0 this week and 6 months later a newer version Affiloblueprint 4.0 is out, would i have to pay for the new version or would i have access to it and it's regular updates
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Hey Sinatra, you old crooner.

We don't have any plans to release a new version of AffiloBlueprint anytime soon. We're actually updating it on the fly as things change, so there's not much need for a massive re-release at this stage.

That said, if there was a new version released, we usually offer existing members a pretty hefty discount on the new version. I think last time you could upgrade for $37, or something ridiculously low like that.

But as I said... that's not on the horizon at this stage.
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