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Can I integrate Affilojetpack content on my current website?

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Can I integrate Affilojetpack content on my current website?

So I've had affiloblueprint for a few weeks now and i'm making some great progress on my self-development website.
I have written 10+ articles and cranking a new one out everyday.

I am planning on buying affilojetpack in the near future to supercharge my progress and also start some other websites in different niches.

My questions are:
Will I be able to integrate the mailing list, content creation tools, opt-in form, affiliate product links, etc, etc into my existing website? Or will i need to create a new self-development website using the affilojetpack website creation tool? I would prefer to use my existing website.

Also, I know that affilojetpack is several years old at this point. Art the affiliate product links up to date? what about in the emails? Are the products that are already being plugging into the emails still around?

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Hi Josh,

Yes, you can integrate the Jetpack content to your existing sites but you need to manually integrate this since the site is not really created under the Jetpack platform. But if you really want to fully utilize the Jetpack, then you should just start with a new site under Affilojetpack.

The Jetpack is alway up-to-date. We have a dedicated department that overlooks all the content, including the lessons and the pre-made content and materials, and updates them.
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