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Affilo Jetpack Or Affilo Premium

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Affilo Jetpack Or Affilo Premium

Completely new to Affilorama
I want to know in honesty which program is good for me as an Affiliate without previous knowledge to the program. Affilo Jetpack Or Affilo Premium
Please give me your best honest advice without bias on the cost implications. Thanks. John.
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Hey John,

To be honest, if you are brand new to affiliate marketing I would recommend AffiloBlueprint -- which isn't on your list.

It is specifically designed for people who are new to affiliate marketing, and walks you through all the steps you need to take and things you need to know to be successful as an affiliate.

Actually the best combination for you would be AffiloBlueprint + AffiloJetpack: AffiloBlueprint tells you what to do, and AffiloJetpack does the time-consuming or expensive things for you.
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