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Perfect English Grammar Rewrites - $30

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Perfect English Grammar Rewrites - $30

Perfect English Grammar Rewrite Service
Have you noticed how many online marketing sites read as if English is not the author's first language?

Poor English grammar, mangled sentences and overly long paragraphs (with no heading, lists or breaks) damage your site's sales.

They are hard to read, hard to understand and significantly lower your visitor's respect and perception of your page's authority. Poor writing and bad grammar make your offer seem untrustworthy.

As a professional writer and native English speaker, I can clean up your text content and convert your writing to Perfect English Grammar. As an expert in Visual Marketing and Visual Communication, I can also make your text blocks look better and make reading them easier and more enjoyable.

With high quality text you'll sell more.

First 500 words $30.00 USD.
Each additional 500 words $25.00 USD.

Time Frame:
I'll do my best to deliver your content within 4 business days, if it's less than 2,000 words. Add 1 additional day for each additional 2,000 words.

Service Address and PayPal Button:
Please enter your email address and forum nickname in the fields provided there. You can include your content in an attachment to your email or I can copy and paste it from your website. I can also receive content through DropBox.

I provide your Perfect English Grammar version back to you in Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Word 2003 formats. Other formats are available by request, such as plain text or Rich Text Format (RTF). Because I don't know exactly how your website's CSS and HTML codes are used, I cannot provide HTML versions.

My email:

100% Money Back Guarantee:
If you're not 100% satisfied with my work, for any reason, and if you contact me within 30 days to request a refund, I'll refund 100% of your charges.

All the best in your online marketing efforts...
_jim coe
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