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Hubpage + Squidoo Lens Creation Service With High PR Links

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Hubpage + Squidoo Lens Creation Service With High PR Links

What is Squidoo?
In order to make use of Squidoo for getting links for your website, you must understand how Squidoo works. Squidoo uses tags to categorize the user created pages, or 'lenses' as they are called. Whenever a user creates a Squidoo lens, tags must also be created for each lens. All of the user-generated lenses are linked to tag pages, which are in turn linked back to all the lenses that use the same tag. This is how automatic links are generated for the lens you create in Squidoo. Your Squidoo lens' PageRank increases because of the links it automatically receives from the tag pages!

Importance Of Squidoo
It is a known fact that links from authority sites are more valuable than links from non-authority sites. Squidoo is one such authority site, and helps you achieve a higher ranking. Authority sites are simply credible online resources on a given topic, which have other websites linking to them on the strength of that credibility. When Search Engines notice links from an authority site like Squidoo, the credibility of your own site increases. This is what makes a Squidoo lens so valuable for creating quality links.

What is Hubpage?
Hubpages is a user-generated website specifically designed for people to create and share content on different subjects, hence acting as content based social media interface. Hubpages gives their creators the freedom to add all sorts of content to their Hubpage. Be it text, images, videos or links. Hubs come up in the search engine results prominently for targeted keywords.

Importance Of Hubpage
Hub pages are fantastic for website promotion and SEO. Hubpages get your website quality one-way links. This makes your website rank higher in the search engine results, and that means more potential clients landing on your website. Hub pages are an effective mechanism to drive additional traffic to a website.

Blog Commenting
As you all are well aware that Do-follow blog commenting is fast emerging as an excellent way of securing high page rank backlinks without spending over the top rates on monthly or permanent backlinks. These backlinks will be permanent in nature and due to their placement on well-established blogs, you can expect strong SEO as well as traffic benefits from them.

Price: Depends on package you select.
Timeframe: 7 days
Paypal Address: Will be provided once order is confirmed though message (I don't want to expose my Paypal address here in case of spam)

I am offering following affordable packages:

1st Package
One Squidoo Lens
One Hubpage
(Total 7 links)

2nd Package
One Squidoo Lens
One Hubpage
(Total 30 links)
Price: 30$

3rd Package
One Squidoo Lens
One Hubpage
PR5 6
(Total 50 links)
Price: 40$

More Packages:
Package 1 = One Squidoo Lens + One Hubpage + PR2 only-25links = $30 (Unique Domains)
Package 2 = One Squidoo Lens + One Hubpage + PR3 only-25 = $30 (Unique Domains)
Package 3 = One Squidoo Lens + One Hubpage + PR4 only-20 = $32 (Unique Domains)
Package 4 = One Squidoo Lens + One Hubpage + PR5(12Links) + PR4(15links) = $34
Economy Package = One Squidoo Lens + One Hubpage + PR2(15links) + PR3(15links) + PR4(12links) + PR5(10links)=$45
Package Bulky = One Squidoo Lens + One Hubpage + PR2(30links) + PR3(20links) + PR4(15links) + PR5(10links) = $70

Our Service Policy :
1. 100% Unique Content SEO Optimized
2. All Comments will be made Manually.
3. Our Prices are Cheapest over the internet.
4. We are punctual in time.
5. Upfront Payment.
6. We Provide Full Details With Excel Reports.
7. 80% Domains are unique for blog comments
8. 80% Dofollow Links
9. Average OBL Under 100.

Please Provide These Things to us:
1. One Keywords (To be anchored) and one URL (Long tail URL accepted)
2. Email (to send the report)

Custom Packages are available as customer's requirement.

For Orders Discuss on this thread or PM me.

Please Contact Me Via Email or Skype ID

Email: admin@thetextilelibrary.com
Skype: jhontimy

Cheers :-)
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