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How to Offer a Service

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How to Offer a Service

Hi Guys

Welcome to our newest forum category, ‘Affilorama Services’. This place is especially for our Affilorama Members to offer your services to other Affilorama members AND find services to help you out.

What kind of services are we talking about?

Well, this is an affiliate marketing forum, so the services that will go down best here are those that can help out affiliate marketers, and especially those particularly relevant to our training products like AffiloJetpack and AffiloBlueprint. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling…

Writing services
  • Are you specialized at writing in particular niches?
  • Can you rewrite articles faster than you can read them?
  • Do you have a knack for writing great sales copy or banner copy that converts?
  • Maybe you’re a fast typist who can transcribe video and audio?
These will go down a treat with our AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack members - offer your service here!

Design services
  • Fancy yourself as a talented cartoonist?
  • Or really good at making animated banners?
  • Like to create eBook and 3D covers?
  • Maybe you’re an all-round talented web designer who can offer the whole package?
Offer your service here!

Website creation services
  • Are you an expert in working with Xsite Pro or Wordpress?
  • Able to write code really well in a specific language?
  • Maybe you’re an expert in putting together AffiloJetpack or AffiloBlueprint sites
However you can help, offer it here!

SEO, Marketing, and more
  • Are you a link building pro?
  • A fantastic website critic?
  • Maybe you’re skilled in website optimization and usability design?
  • Good at video creation?
  • Social Media guru?

… How else can you help? Offer it here!

So, you’ve got a service to offer?

Great, offering your service here is really simple.

All you need to do is create a new thread in ‘Affilorama Services’ that follows the following example ad:

Thread Subject: Setup of 1x AffiloJetpack site (AffiloJetpack members only) - $20
(Must contain a description of the service you’re offering, and the price.)

Thread content: (Should contain the details below).

Price: $20USD (This should be stated in USD only)
Timeframe: 7 days
Paypal Address: simon@domain.com Please use your Affilorama username as reference on payment.

DescriptIon: Please provide a clear, detailed description of the service you are offering and what the customer can expect in terms of quality, and actual work completed.


These are the requirements you must meet to offer your service here:

  • Accept payment via Paypal
  • Have a post count on the Affilorama forum of at least 20.
  • Provide your services advertised, at the level of quality offered, and within the timeframe specified
  • Your offer will be removed if you do not respond to an inquiry within 5 days
  • Create a thread in the format outlined above, containing all necessary details.

Other things to keep in mind
  • It’s good practice to place feedback (both buyer and service provider) in the service provider’s thread.
  • A service provider can offer up to 3 services on this forum at one time
  • You’ll most likely get more interest if you target your services specifically to the needs of Affilorama members and the products we offer
  • Please note, if you are looking for a particular service, ‘services wanted’ posts are not permitted – you must only register your interest with advertised service providers here.

We want this forum to serve as a convenient place for members to offer and find services. Please help us to keep this a productive and beneficial place for all by respecting the terms as outlined above :)

DISCLAIMER: The service agreement is between the provider and customer, Affilorama takes no responsibility for any disputes that may arise between the two parties.
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