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Great looking AffiloBlueprint 3.0 website for sale - $549

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Great looking AffiloBlueprint 3.0 website for sale - $549

Hi everyone,

I've setup this great looking affiloblueprint website and it's for sale.
Sofar it has 26 articles online and I've got more which are allready written.
Plus I will give you my writers contact details, flexible, low prices and proper english as you can see on the website.

The website: removed by me

Right when I was done with the website I wanted to go local, in other words, build a new website about a passion of mine in my own language.
This project will be needing my full attention which means I need to sell this website, it would be a shame to let it die slowly so instead I'm putting it for sale on here.

A link to all articles from the website are automatically posted on Twitter and Facebook.
Keep adding more information, tips, images etc. on Facebook and Twitter though, along with the allready posted links to the articles.

The site is search engine optimized (no need to be afraid of penalties and other scary things), it's good looking with a custom wordpress theme with build in options and customization and has got alot of potential.
You will also get my Excel keywords list that I collected and used with 292 keywords.

There is currently a backlinking campaign running which will keep running untill the main keyword is on page one. This campaign will be transfered to you and you won't have to pay extra for this.
It consists of a wide variety of links, more details here

Site is currently not making money yet is it's too early for that, needs more traffic first.

So in short what you get is:

- Great domainname
- Website
- Logo
- Custom theme with many options build in (change colors, featured slider and many more) worth $100
- Facebook and Twitter plugin worth $18
- 32 articles worth at least $500
- My Twitter account (close to 100 followers) + I'll tell you how I easily get more REAL followers
- My Facebook account/fanpage
- Excel sheet with 292 keywords
- Contact details of my writer
- Backlinking campaign worth $50

Price: $549USD
Timeframe: 14 days
Paypal accepted but for more security I don't mind using escrow.com which makes sure either party gets what they want. In this case the website and money.

I might have forgotten something but I think this is it.

I've put alot of work into the site as it is and hope you will do the same when it's yours. You can also PM me if you've got questions.
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