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Fast No Bull's EXPENSIVE Article Writing and Content Product

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Fast No Bull's EXPENSIVE Article Writing and Content Product

Greetings Affilorama lurker!

My name is Nico Odie, and my team along with myself has recently gone live with its latest venture, the most expensive, QUALITY article writing service today. Why expensive? Well, if you need low-quality that is simply aimed for SEO or autoblogs, then visit another thread. I personally rewrite every article my team submits to me, thus the added quality cost, adding my own "spicy" flavor to it. Why the need for such? Too much garbage is already on the web.

If you want to stand out and be respected by both the search engines and the general internet surfer, you need "feeling" in your articles

////----- Fast No Bull's Article Writing and Content Production Service -----\\\\

  • 400-600 Word Article = $7
  • 700-1200 Professional "Spunky" Article = $12 (Written by Nico Odie, hence the Spunky)

  • 100% Copyspace passed before Articles reach you
  • Any niche category can be requested
  • No online reference material; Only local library books and periodicals as guides for Original content
  • Bulk Orders of 30+ Receive a 15% Discount
  • Nico Odie is Online 12 Hours a Day on Instant Messengers (AIM, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) to Make Adjustments to your Needs
  • Payment is made in Half at Start, and Half at End through Paypal
  • All articles go through Nico Odie. Majority are written by the team, but ALL are rewritten by Nico Odie.

Here's my past and current work: http://gammondrumsreview.com

Timeframe is generally within a week, but it can vary depending on the size of the demand. I will personally give you the deadline through our discussion.

  • Website: Under Construction
  • AIM: FastNoBull
  • Gmail/Google Chat: FastNoBull@gmail.com
  • MSN Messenger: FastNoBull@hotmail.com
  • ICQ: FastNoBull@gmail.com

    Details you may Need Clarification On:

      1. Why isn't there a price for articles less than 400 words?
  • Fast No Bull is a Quality Article Writing Service, aimed at hitting 2 birds with one stone:
    - 1) having an SEO-primed article that is keyword rich, and
    - 2) procuring exciting, readable and understandable articles that web surfers can comprehend

    Too many times, article writing services provide one or the other. We require our buyers to request 400+ words in order to ensure the level of professionalism they're going to get. Basically, we don't want you blaming us for something we didn't write after you've paid us, so we make sure we get it all in there.

  • 2. Why do we pay through Paypal beforehand? Are you a thief?
We're scared as much as you are. The best compromise for us is half at the start, and half after.

How to Order:
Please contact me through Email at FastNoBull@gmail.com or through one of the listed Messengers above. I DO NOT WANT YOU to pay ME before I get to talk to you personally.

- STARTUP "So you don't think I'm a scammer" SPECIAL: First 3 Buyers Receive 15% Total Discount -

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