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Working with Adsense and the Tutorials

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Working with Adsense and the Tutorials

Well here we go again.

I am working through the tutorial on Turbocharging your Adsense Ads. I come to the part about using Overture aka Yahoo Search Marketing to find out how much you can expect from the adsense therms, and it has changed significantly from the tutorial.

In the tutorial we search for "Computer Games" and in the results page we click on sponsored links and a new little window opens. So far so good. HOWEVER, there is no longer a "View Bids Tool" so I can't figure out how to see howmuch they are paying.

Thanks for your input.

Mark W.
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Sorry i wanted to answer this right now, but my wife has just told me we've got to leave in a few mins to the airport for our flight.

I'll have to answer when I get back, i the meantime, perhaps someone else reading my post will be able to dig up the answer i gave to a similar question a few months back? I found some clickbank software in that post that helped with this.

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