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Why weren't keywords added in XsitePro?

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Why weren't keywords added in XsitePro?

I watched the video for week 3 using XsitePro and wondered why Mark or Aletta didn`t write in additional keywords in the keyword box, saying that they won`t bother with that at the moment which left me wondering what keywords should go in that box.

The main keyword they used was World of Warcraft Guide, so in the keyword box below that, what additional keywords could be written in that box

Are they keywords you just make up at the moment or keywords from the Google keyword tool

By the sound of what they were saying it seemed like it was a bit of trouble to do this, making me wonder what keywords they could be talking about as no explanation was given for not writing them in the box.

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Larry Bauge
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Search engines have given less value on meta keywords since a lot of spammers have used this to stuff the keyword box with words that are not relevant to their site. Though, they will still pay attention to it if it is relevant and different on every page of your site. You will find information on what to write in the keywords and description boxes on the Week 5 lessons of Affiloblueprint.
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