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When company has no affiliate program - use Amazon instead?

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When company has no affiliate program - use Amazon instead?

I am talking about physical products by the way. When the companies who's products you would like to promote don't have an affiliate program, do you just go through Amazon instead if you can find their product there? In some cases I have noticed that some of the companies will have their products selling in other stores like target, sears, best buy, or some other store, and those stores will sometimes have an affiliate program. I'm guessing that you would want to go with which ever one is going to give you a higher commission?

I don't know what I'm thinking, It just seems like Amazon always seems to come up high in search results. I guess I was just thinking that my site would come up higher in the search results too if I was linking to Amazon as an affiliate. But, I guess that wouldn't have anything to do with my site's rankings would it. :)
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