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What is the purpose of building a downline?

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What is the purpose of building a downline?

The purpose of building a downline in an affiliate program consists in earning more money from the members sponsored by you into the program. The real problem is that most first level referrals or members become inactive or remain inactive. Although it is a good idea to get in touch with them to encourage them to be active in the program, do you think downline building actually works?
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Yes it works, but it can be much more work (and active involvement) than is originally suggested by those working to recruit you.

People with strong downlines recruit and support those that they feel will work the hardest as well. Sure, you can convince a lot of people to join, but as you've pointed out, they drop off quickly. You need to seek out and keep interested those that will produce and build their downline (which in turn builds yours).
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