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Websites for AB Members!

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Websites for AB Members!

hi guys,

i joined AffiloBlueprint earlier in the year and learned some amazing things!

since then i've launched a number of affiliate sites, but have also recently launched a Web Design | SEO | Social Media | and Brand Building site (courtesy of a lot of other learning i have done)!

in the event that:

* you need help building a website
* you want to re-design your site
* you are developing your own product
* your site is taking off and you want to take it to the next level (we can geo-target followers for you on twitter and build community around your brand)

please feel free to contact me for help!

because of NDA's i have signed, i can't show all the sites i have worked on, but you can see a small sampling at www.LightTowerMarketing.com

keep on at it!! if you work the system it DOES work for you!

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