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Waiting on Adsense till later - Good strategy?

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Waiting on Adsense till later - Good strategy?

I was reading a paper by Charles Heflin called the "plan" which contains much solid advice and much the same as what we hear here. One thing I find interesting is that he recommends waiting to put ad sense on your pages until after you submit to directories,quote

"Why wait till now?
Because you will get listed in more directories by not having what appears to be a site
that was created for the sole purpose of generating income. Now that you are listed in
the directories it is safe to place your AdSense ads.

Charles Heflin

what do you think of this strategy?
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I've heard that as well revimp. I thought it made sense BUT the more I thought about it, if your site is of good quality content and relevant for what the user/surfer wants I don't think it matters.

I'd like to hear what others think as well, great question revimp.
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I usually wait. But what papa bear is also right, it shouldn't matter if you have a great website.

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