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Tube Optimizer Journey JV Invite - FUN $99 Evergreen Launch!

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Tube Optimizer Journey JV Invite - FUN $99 Evergreen Launch!

Hi Gang!

2013 marked my transition from part time affiliate to product owner with my 1st product: Tube Optimizer Journey (A quick journey to mastering Youtube).

The Actual Course:
=> https://udemy.com/tube-optimizer-journey

I'd like to thank my mentor Kim Roach for helping me take action, otherwise this product probably would have never seen the light of day (Am a student at her Traffic Live program).

I've been getting some good resonance so far, so I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce my product to the Affilorama community as well.

I'll break down what this course is all about for you with the most important details ...

What Is Tube Optimizer Journey About?

The course is a complete beginner's guide for Youtube video SEO marketing with over 90 students to date and is hosted at Udemy.com.

What I feel makes my product unique is that I'm always testing and tweaking my own video marketing and share everything I'm doing with a closed Facebook community group which comes with the course.

The Facebook group is a new addition, but this short video presentation outlines everything (Including why I created the course) ...

Video + Details: Affiliate Links (Including Why I Created The Product):
=> http://mytrafficjourney.com/affiliates

The video above will also give you a feel of how I present my training within the course.

So, Who Is Tube Optimizer Journey For?

Anyone who wants to add video marketing with Youtube to their online business but are struggling with the finer details.

I actually teach how to create and optimize a Youtube partner channel (with an optimized video) from scratch within the course.

a) Affiliate marketers
I'm currently ranking on Youtube in one of the toughest self help niches on Clickbank. The case study is provided as an additional bonus to the program and for those in the Facebook group.

b) Product owners who want to train their affiliates/VAs:
This is the main reason I created the course. I wanted to make it as easy to understand with zero fluff to help train my own affiliates.

c) Local marketers
I briefly talk about how to optimize for local video rankings but am NOT active in this niche for full transparency.

I am playing with the idea of getting into this niche in 2014 for local clients though.

Ok, How Much Does The Course Cost?

1) Front end price: $99
Discounts are available for SERIOUS reviewers/fellow product owners with an active blog and/or proactive tribe.

So students are paying for the course and my time in the closed Facebook group.

2) Commissions: 50%
Commissions are paid out by Udemy.com.

*** Top 5 Reciprocity Competition: How I Help My JVs/Affiliates? ***

This is my 1st product and I aim to make it as evergreen and as FUN To Promote as possible.

That's why I aim to help those who get consistent sales by including a link back on one of the thank you pages within my funnel that has real scarcity built in.

Video + Details: How The Top 5 Performing Affiliates Are Promoted:
=> http://mytrafficjourney.com/tojd/jvdemo

So if you have a blog/list or both please get in contact with me and we can talk details e.g. review access, discounts, bonuses etc.

Happy holidays, all the best for the new year and I look forward to seeing you on the top 5 list in 2014!

Thanks for your time!

Take It Easy,

p.s. Email is the best way to get me (Will check PM as much as I can though).

p.p.s If you have your own product and want to add even more value to your list don't be a stranger. Always looking to network with other product owners :-)
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TubeOptimizerJourney Is LIVE - Evergreen Launch - 50% commissions:
=> http://mytrafficjourney.com/affiliates
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