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The Reese Report - How good is it? What topics are covered?

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The Reese Report - How good is it? What topics are covered?

Hey, whoever reads this, or to Mark if you have any time.

How good is the reese report? What topics dos it cover?

Any information is would be great!

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Hey Jordan,

It's pretty good. I've been a subscriber for years. Where it's really useful is if you're a bit strapped for creativity or motivation, because John's always coming out with ideas for new markets, marketing methods etc. Plus there are critiques or "makeovers" of member websites, which are pretty interesting.

If you're already making a bit of money, then definitely take a look. It can give you ideas for new directions and ways to make your site perform better. You can always join up for one month and see if it's worth the price tag for you (in terms of helping you generate results).

If you're tight on cash, it's by no means essential. There's plenty of information here in Affilorama to keep you going.

All the best,
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Yup! Jordan, stick with affilorama for now.

John is preparing his income.com site, it will be live soon. He also has a blog with quite good info.
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