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The Affiliate Downline Social Network

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The Affiliate Downline Social Network

First of all, let me introduce myself here. My name is Rev. Abad. I am a priest with the C.E.E.C. I am an affiliate marketer trying to learn here. Any how, I just started a new social network. It is free to join and it is geared towards affiliate marketer like you folks.
Go to http://affiliatedownline.net
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Rev. Abad
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Welcome to Affilorama, Rev. Abad!

It certainly took you a bit of time to make your first post here on the forum :)

You will find, if you haven't already, that Affilorama has a vibrant and helpful community. You can post any affiliate marketing-related question or concern here on the forum and we (staff and members alike) do our best to provide answers, resolutions, and/or opinions.

Good luck on your new social networking site!
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