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Super Apprentice program for site flipping

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Super Apprentice program for site flipping

During one of Mark's videos he quickly mentioned that you might want to flip your site. I had never heard this term, so I got to checking. Next thing (well, not next, but a lot of steps between then and next) you know, I was flipping some sites I had previously made.
One thing led to the next and I connected with a great coach and mentor. Recently he purchased a company called Super Apprentice and has begun customizing and improving it. If you want to sell old sites, new sites, affiliate sites, or Adsense sites, this is the place to learn. Really. I have a short page about it as well here.
This fits perfectly with the affiliate website model and is a great complement.
Check it out here....
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Randy Hough
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Site flipping is definitely something that more than a few affiliates focus on doing once theyve built up their sites and are hoping to cash them in - or you can go the other way and buy an existing site with content and traffic.

Always important to do your homework either, and make sure you use an escrow service so you dont get left high and dry.

Nice work including your affiliate link there Randy - you're on to it!
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