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Subscribers number in vendors spotlight on Clickbank

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Subscribers number in vendors spotlight on Clickbank

Hi All,

Really glad I came across this site as I have been looking at affiliate marketing for a while, but have to say Mark, your style and approach is the easiest to follow that i have come across, and you come across as a really nice genuine guy and I am looking forward to the help you are offering.

I have a quick question which I hope someone can help with. In clickbank, if you go to the vendors spotlight, there is a lot of statistical data. One of the fields Subscribers. What does this mean? Does this mean the merchant has so many subscribers on his mailing list? Or, is it how many affiliates are promoting his product? Or is it something else entirely?

Look forward to finding out :)

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Hi Ben,
Welcome to Affilorama,
http://www.clickbank.com/help/vendor-he ... spotlight/

You can find more info above.
Basically it is for people who want to subscribe to announcements/updates and sales stats for that product.

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