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Setting up an affiliate network

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Setting up an affiliate network

Hi all,

I'm working with a small consulting company that's about to launch
a network for consultants and coaches.

Part of my job will be setting up an affiliate program which will tie all of them
together--- my question is, in the early stages, do you recommend using ClickBank,
1ShoppingCart, or another marketplace, either initially or for the long-term?

Thanks very much!

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Clickbank is what I would go with, as it does not make affiliates jump through hoops to sign up. You will want to make it easy for affiliates to sign up for your program, so that you can build up the number of your affiliates fast, and thus have more potential sales from their referrals.

Another advantage of using clickbank is that you do not need to have your own merchant account to process payments, and nor do you have to think about tracking affiliate referrals. Clickbank will handle payments and tracking for you.
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click bank in my opinion is the best way to start with. see its the most popular affiliate network. most of the affiliate have their clickbank account.
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