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SEO off page

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SEO off page

Hi I am using socrates template with the related rss plugin . I am looking at using Linkvana and have three paid products the related rss the ABC plugin and want to get Linkvana but the cost of them all is to much . I have 8 websites to promote all built with product content perfect seo score for onpage using easywp seo plugin. another great find.

What I want to know is what is doing more for others the relevant rss plug in or the ABC plug in .
Personally I am leaning towards the Related Rss plug in because it is less black hat or more Google friendly but I have only had them both for a month and I am not yet seeing much at all from any websites because they mostly have been built in the last few weeks
Most of these websites are not using the Socrates template because they are using a proven Review template I have it on three websites where Socrates does the most good and yesterday I figured out how to put youtube in the side bar of socrates using a text widget it took about ten minutes and will do a lot for the bounce rate on the website I bet. The url is http://www.precisionreloading.ca It is an older website I have just rebuilt with Amazon products and looking great it is getting close to 75 uniques a day and has sold a few thousand dollars in product over the last few years.

It had better do a lot better than that in the next few months. what I am really looking for is more information on the seo products and plugins I have chosen to use I know I have run into a lot of marketers using Socrates template. I really like the set up plan using Linkvana it is totally white hat and uses no spun content and has never been google slaped . I read two pages of reviews on it and just want to know what others think on these issues. Their is ways to share a product cost between a few people also so the cost of Linkvana could benefit more than one campaigner.
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it is the best way for indexing new contents to google, it is even better than pinging.
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