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Sale Confirmation from an independent marketer

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Sale Confirmation from an independent marketer

I am working with a marketer, directly, who has a thriving business selling language learning courses. I've created a website (http://learnspanishsuperquick.com) and he has adopted some of my photographs in his shopping cart to maintain a common "look." I trust him , but business is business and he is not on the ClickBank or any other network. He has had his web builder provide me with affiliate links (I believe I am his only affiliate) which he has confirmed are working. He says he can see instantly whether any order that comes in is mine or not.

But that's it. I'm reliant on his reporting to me what orders arrive. Does anyone know of any way I can set up a neutral system with him so that I can be automatically informed of any affiliate sales, such as we see with ClickBank?

Thanks for your help.

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You can just use Google Analytics and put the tracking code on your site ( with an onclick event ) and when someone clicks on your affiliate link it will show in Analytics.
You can also get your friend to put a tracking code on the order page if you are the ONLY affiliate.
But that does not prove that the sale actually happened.

You could use a php redirect script as well, but this is a bit of a hassle to do if you are not that experienced.

Here is a good conversation I found that may help.. or may confuse you..lol
http://www.webmasterworld.com/google_ad ... 799834.htm

also, how to use analytics code.. http://www.ecommercecircle.com/google-a ... 12638.html

You can track the person who lands on the order thankyou page with a tracking pixel, but you will need to be given that from your friend or merchant who has his affiliate sales system set up, if he does have one set up that is?
Your best bet is for your merchant friend to set up a proper affiliate tracking system on his site that gives you reports.
for Ex: idevdirect.com

You could use Google analytics to put the code on the thankyou order page but if your merchant friend ends up having a few affiliates he may not be so keen on the idea, that is why he should install his own affiliate tracking system as it would be all automated.
Tracking is always a pain in the butt, but is important.
Hope you get it sorted.

The staff here at Affilorama may also have some suggestions for you.

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