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Hi! I was just wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not RichgoPTR.com are a scam or not?
I have just signed up with them as a free member, and the ridiculous amount they are offering to read emails just has me a little wary! For example as a free member you can earn $150 just to read emails for 60 seconds, and $100 for PPCs.
I have already clocked up nearly $10,000 and waiting to see if they pay up. Anyway for those who are not familiar with it , the url is:
Can someone please let me know what they think? I have googled them with some interesting results that have confused me more!!
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I looked at the site and I am highly doubtful it's not a scam. There are a few grammatical errors on their home page, which for me is a sign of a fly-by-night business. But this is just my opinion. I remember signing up with a similar website before where they will pay X amount for visiting websites. Never got paid for it. But I didn't have to pay for anything to get started with it so I thought no harm done.

Let me know if they do send you the check. :)
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