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Reviews of Affiliate Programmes and Membership for my site

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Reviews of Affiliate Programmes and Membership for my site

Hey Guys, I am going to make a review of different affiliate sites on my affiliate site: Mynetmarketingland.

I was a member of the affiliate classroom, still member of the secret affiliate weapon.

This is a question for people who are in the Wealthy affiliate forum.

I want to know why you subscribed to the affilorama course, why you are still subscribed although you have a membership with Wealthy Affiliate and which one you prefer, and why.

I will add those view on my affiliate site.

Also, I want to know what make you stay with affilorama.


(P.S) I have an issue with my DSL connection, I may take one day to reply.
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Hey Superaff, I hope I spelled that right.

Like a few people here I'm in both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

I have also been a paid up participant in Opportunity.com and Aff. Classroom as well, not to mention others.
And was "Highly Unimpressed with them both....(Doing research for some comparison articles .....)

What I found in those two was, Big huge talk,.....little teeny tiny walk.

I joined this one a while ago but didn't pay much attention because I was busy in WA but when the premium membership "launch" hit the airwaves I jumped in to see what it was all about and was going to stick around for a month or so to take it all in.

Like many I was impressed with the neatness and feel of Affilorama and at first glance the tools seem to be more targeted to the needs of affiliate marketers than those in WA.

Until today that is.!!

If you've been following Wealthy Affiliate for a while you know they upgraded the program to WAPlatimum.com and have been putting a lot of improvements together based on member requests and today they announced the addition of, unlimited hosting that either rivals that found in Affilorama or surpasses it.
When they added that to the recently improved keyword research tools I decided they are the ones I will participate in and promote as part of my business plan.

They are also working on other improvements as well with the plan to improve the whole deal based on membership input..
By this time next year you will not recognize WealthyAffiliatePlatinum.

And whether or not you believe the talk that they are unorganized or not,... there is no denying the fact that they have much more information available than any other program ........in this the beginner to novice class.

When you join WA you do not get inundated with one time offers and they do not market every Product Launch that comes along to their membership. Their weekly emails consist of training and updates only.
The respect that, that shows to the members is important and appreciated. It creates a personal one on one feeling which I think is good marketing if nothing else.......And something that is immediately felt in the forum and the ShareZone.
That forum has "Many" participants who have been in there, as paying members, for 2 or more years.!!

Bottom Line.
I think Affilorama is cool but WA is better.
I think for the price you pay,.... you get WAY More in WA.
And as they bring the tools in line with the current needs of affiliate marketers that gap is going to get much wider.

For people like me who want to market one of these programs over the others....that is going to turn out to be a very good thing indeed. It makes writing with comparisons in mind easier.

I know Mark markets his list way different, he gives an unreal amount away for free in Affilorama for the right to market all the high paying Product Launches to you and me.
And that is a great business model lesson to learn right there.

Heck if I ever do decide to buy one of those gizzmo's I always go to Marks site first to see what Bonuses he is offering.

But when you take away the current promoting and the short-term emotional attachment value some people develop,... Wealthy Affiliate offers more to more types of people. And I think it's going to appeal to more people in the long run.
Something that appeals to my marketing goals right now.

I know I kinda rambled there but it's late and I got called to dinner 10 min. ago, (which is not a good thing to do around here),.... so I gotta go.

Have a great evening and I hope you have a Blessed Christmas.
And go ahead and PM me anytime. Well PST that is.
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