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Question about cloaking affiliate links

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Question about cloaking affiliate links

Finally I have open Clickbank account, the first step.

Today I was watching for the second time time the webinar with Matt Carter "How to Find Profitable Niches". Since I am very new to affiliate program I like to sometimes stop the webinar and check Google for more info on the subject that was being discussed.

I have one website but this is just a personal site and I never thought I could have affiliate links on it until I became a member of Affilorama. My site is about specific breed of dogs that I have and for over 10 years I was advertising for free holistic dog food that I use to feed my dogs for a very long time now.

Finally I have applied for their affiliate program and have to wait 24 hrs to see if they will approve me.

But my question is something different.

Watching this webinar with Matt, he was talking about African mango. I stopped the webinar and went to check their affiliate program. (I am not planing to become an AM affiliate, I just wanted to see their application form). I use African mango myself and buy it for some time from the very exact site I have visited to check the affiliate program. I am trying to learn things I do not understand in the meantime so all the webinars will be clearer when I am listening on how to do things .

By researching, I have learned that we should use a software to cloak the links with Clickbank to avoid internet problems with hackers. So I am searching Affilorama for this kind of software. Back to the original problem I had today, this is the information I have seen on the affiliate site for African mango:

Pay Per Click: Affiliate must link to their own website. Linking directly to the offer or cloaking are NOT allowed.

So to understand this, lets say I have a website about this product, some information and even my own testimonies. Can I cloak my affiliate link on my website. Is this allowed?

I know someone who is very knowledgeable about affiliate programs will probably laugh at this kind of question but beginners like me are getting confused.

Also Clickbank says after creating hoplink you can post them as HTML or just " click her " text but they do not say anything about cloaking or that their hoplinks are very easily stolen since this link will fully appear on the bottom bar .

So to make this shorter:
Will affiliates let you cloak links to their sites or some of them will not allow it?
And why does Clickbank not suggest to their members to cloak their hoplinks?

Sorry but I think I am trying to learn too much, too soon and I am getting confused with some subjects like affiliate programs.

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Hi Eva,

I think I answered a similar inquiry on this thread: Should I Cloak My Affiliate Links?

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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etfimt wrote:Will affiliates let you cloak links to their sites or some of them will not allow it?

Merchants/affiliate programs usually allow cloaking affiliate links but I recommend checking the affiliate program terms and condition just to be sure.

etfimt wrote:And why does Clickbank not suggest to their members to cloak their hoplinks?

There is actually a free Clickbank tool called HopLink Shield. It encrypts the affiliate and vendor nicknames in hopLinks. It adds another layer of privacy / anonymity to help keep affiliates promotional efforts hidden.
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