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Promoting AffiloJetPack

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Promoting AffiloJetPack

Hi all,
Just a question... I'm an affiliate member of Affilorama and am going to promote AffiloJetPack as part of the new launch.
I was just wondering, Mark mentioned a competition on paying $1 per lead, is that just if they sign up to the newsletter?
Also, once they sign up if he makes a sale for AffiloJetPack through marketing via email, do we still get the 50% commission?
Because there is no direct link to sell the product at the moment, I've been filling up Mark's email list, I just hope I might get paid if he converts?
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Hi Ashton,

Please send an email to partners@affilorama.com and our affiliate manager will be very happy to answer your questions.

Cheers :)
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