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Problems With Clickbank?

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Problems With Clickbank?

Perhaps this issue has been discussed within the forum, but I have not noticed it. I am also a member of The Warrior Forum. Within the last 3 weeks, their have been MANY posts in a thread that concerns SERIOUS tracking issues within CB. Long standing, successful affiliates have suddenly seen their sales drop inexplicably. At first, many blamed it on the economy. However, many of the affiliates are members of other affiliate networks, and so no drop in their sales within those networks. Some of the affiliates, upon complaining to CB, mysteriously had several sales appear after going many days without a sale. Most of these affiliates were quite successful, and regulars in the forum. It was also interesting that, according to several of the long standing affiliates, CB has a history of HORRIBLE tracking issues and even poorer customer service. Tracking issues take FOREVER to be resolved. Many of these affiliates are reluctantly leaving CB, even though a great percentage of their earnings have historically come from CB. I would be very interested in your "take" on this extremely serious issue.

Mike Hutchins
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Hey Mike,

I'm also a senior WF member.

This is true, and this has also been discussed at the affilorama forum.

It is a cookies problem, and this also affect other major networks.

Don't let this scare you. While there are some tracking problems, it's not as a "drama"...

You'll still earn a lot of commission.

My advice: Do not listen to what everyone is saying... this will take you nowhere. Just start earning commissions.

And when you earn $1000 per month or more, you can start thinking about cookies if you want. But not now. Now, start making money.

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Bravo Franck!
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