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PLRPro / Project Green Button - should I remove all links?

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PLRPro / Project Green Button - should I remove all links?

My PLR site promotes PLRPro's Project Green Button as my #1 pick. As the order page for PGB now shows that PLRPro is closed to new members but encourages visitors to sign up for the waiting list, I'm not sure whether to remove all links to their product. As an affiliate, I have not been advised as to the status of this product.

Their customer support, both for AMA and PLRPro, is almost non-existent so I've been unable to get any information from PLRPro.

Can anyone fill me in on what's happening and whether I should be changing the focus of my site and my newsletter series?

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I would say that it couldn't hurt to start looking at different venues. If you can't get ahold of them there is really no sense in promoting them in the first place. Sorry to hear about the situation. :(
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