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Payooner and Amazon Associates

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Payooner and Amazon Associates

I want to create a huge niche site that will be monetized with Adsense and affiliate links from Amazon.
The problem is, I don`t live in the US and I can receive my money only through cheques. And it would take almost 4 months for the check to arrive at my house and for me to cash it out. Not taking into consideration that the mail office might lose my check and then I will have to wait for another one.

I have read on other forums that you can use Payoneer to receive money from Amazon but the problem is that Amazon doesn`t accept bank deposits if you are not an US citizen.

My question is: Did anyone use Payoneer to receive direct payments from Amazon? (I`m interested in answers from people that are not living in the USA)

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Hi Andrei,

I think this will help: http://www.kasareviews.com/receive-amaz ... utside-us/ (not sure though if the information is still valid since the post was in 2014)
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