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Only 1 Adwords for this KW. Will this niche be profitable?

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Only 1 Adwords for this KW. Will this niche be profitable?

I received the Ovarian Cyst Symptoms PLR from affilorama but when I type in Ovarian Cyst Symptoms in google, only 1 adwords ad shows up, right now I did 1 lens and 1 article but before I go any further is there any money to be made here.
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Yes, there is money to be made in this niche. However, with that particular keyword (ovarian cyst symptoms) you're targeting an information seeker...or...tire kicker, and not necessarily a buyer.

It's important to understand how to tell the difference between information seekers and buyers based on the keywords they type.

In the ovarian cyst niche, there are certain keywords that signify an information only intent – meaning they are unlikely to spend money at that time.

Here are some search examples of information seekers (non buyers):

* causes ovarian cyst
* causes of ovarian cyst
* ovarian cyst symptoms
* ovarian cyst diagnosis
* ovarian cyst surgery
* symptoms of ovarian cyst
* ovarian cyst causes
* ovarian cyst infertility

Here are some search examples of buyers:

* ovarian cyst treatments
* cure ovarian cyst
* clear ovarian cyst
* treatment for ovarian cyst
* cure for ovarian cyst
* cure ovarian cyst
* ovarian cyst removal
* ovarian cyst treatment
* how to cure ovarian cyst

Can you see the difference? With a buyer, they have already determined that they have a problem and they are looking for ways to fix the problem. They have gotten past the information seeking phase and are now trying to fix their problem. These are your buyers.

Do a search in Google for ovarian cyst cure and I think you will adwords ads...that is because people searching for a cure are buyers...people searching for symptoms to a problem are info seekers.

You can still market to information seekers...but it's harder and takes longer.
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That was an awesome answer that can help many of us out in general. Thanks for taking the time to post.
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