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Offline Work - Fast Cash, Plus Freebie Listing

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Offline Work - Fast Cash, Plus Freebie Listing

Hi Everyone,

I have a client that has a pretty nice offline work offer for those that need fast cash. You would be selling a spot in his smartlocaldeals.com business directory. The price is EXCELLENT. $99.00 for a 1yr listing which inludes links to site, printable coupon, image, map. He is paying $50.00 per sign up. I make NOTHING for telling you this. I am trying to help him get his directory "seeded" with customers. He will pay you through Paypal everyday if you want while there is little activity and he has time to do this.

I asked him if he would also give my AB buds a free "Local" listing in his SmartLocalDeals.com directory. This is brand new guys. You can email him, his name is Mike: info@smartlocaldeals.com Tell him "Chrisi" sent you so you get the free listing. In order to get the free listing it would be nice if you would tell some local businesses about it. Plus make some cash if they sign up.

I know it's offline money, but for those of you who can use some fast cash to help support your online work, $50.00 for each sign up is pretty generous on a $99.00 1yr subscription

Best Wishes to All,
Smuigal --> Chrisi
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