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Number of Affiliate Program to Promote

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Number of Affiliate Program to Promote

Dear ABers,

I'm a newbie in internet marketing
I notice when I was visiting Mark's website the wowblackbook.com that it has the same affiliate products for almost all of the article pages except the review pages.
Now I'm actually building a website in weightloss niche. I havent inserted any of my banners and affifiate links.

Just wondering, Is it OK to promote more than 1 affiliate products on 1 website?
because weightloss really covers a lot of ground.
If it's OK how would you do it? I mean promote a product related to the articles or any suggestion would be very appreciated.

I understand that Mark mention we're better off to promote 1 product for each article.

Thank you for your kind attention


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Hi Martin,
This is explained in the Affiloblueprint.
Do you have it?
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